Airtel Nigeria Launches eSim

24 Jan 2023

Airtel Nigeria, a leading telecommunications services provider, has announced the launch of eSIM (embedded SIM), a digital SIM that enables customers to access the same functionality as someone using a physical SIM. This new service offers several benefits over traditional SIM cards, including quick and simple online setup, environmental friendliness, and the ability to use two numbers without needing two separate phones or handsets.

The eSIM service is now available on the Airtel network, and customers who wish to switch from their current physical SIM cards to eSIMs will need to ensure they have a compatible device by dialing *#06#. They will then need to obtain the required QR code and be guided through the SIM swap process by an Airtel service representative.

Airtel has developed a simple and seamless process to activate the eSIM service for all its customers. The company believes that the eSIM will significantly improve the productivity of Nigerians and help its stakeholders achieve personal and professional goals.

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Airtel Nigeria Launches eSim

Airtel Nigeria, a leading telecommunications services provider, has announced...


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