Nigeria approves N2.8bn for Digital Census.

18 Mar 2023

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Temitope Moronkeji
Nigeria approves N2.8bn for Digital Census. 1 week ago

The Nigerian government has recently approved N2.8 billion Naira to conduct a digital census, which was postponed to May 2023 due to the rescheduling of gubernatorial and state House of Assembly elections. The National Population Commission (NPC) will utilize the allocated funds to procure software for the census. Additionally, the Federal Government and NPC have requested financial aid of over $1.88 billion (₦869 billion) to conduct the 2023 census exercise. While the Federal Government has provided 46% of the budget, private sector donors will contribute the remaining funds.

The digital census will involve a full mobile methodology that includes mobile handheld devices, geographic information systems, and satellite imagery to create a digital census map. Although some citizens have expressed uncertainty about the process, a digital census is necessary for efficient data gathering and analysis in Nigeria. By utilizing digital tools, data gathering will be easier and more accurate.

It's worth noting that India, the second-most populous country globally, allocated Rs 3,768 crore for its first-ever digital census in 2021, which did not include additional expenses like mobile software and language translation. Despite Nigeria having a smaller population, it allocated a larger budget than India.

Furthermore, the postponement of the census due to the rescheduling of the gubernatorial and state House of Assembly elections presents an opportunity for the National Population Commission to better prepare for the exercise. With the allocated N2.8 billion, the Commission can procure the necessary software for a successful digital census.

Involving private sector donors in funding the census is a positive step towards public-private partnerships in Nigeria. It demonstrates a willingness to collaborate and find innovative solutions to the country's challenges. This could set an example for future collaborations to address healthcare, education, and infrastructure issues.

However, some concerns exist regarding the government's and NPC's ability to conduct the digital census effectively. Some citizens are skeptical of the process and Nigeria's ability to manage its large population. To address these concerns, the government and NPC must ensure transparency, accountability, and public participation throughout the process.

Nigeria approves N2.8bn for Digital Census

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