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Publishing should be free and easy too

Publiseer is a free digital publishing platform for independent Nigerian authors and artists.

Why Publiseer?

Publiseer is the lifeline for every young and budding Nigerian author and artist. Even more so, for established Nigerian authors and artists, who are seeking for ways to sell their work on the World Wide Web. It’s critical for authors and artists to reach their fans and attract new fans that rely on trusted stores like Amazon, Google Play store and Apple store to drive their discovery experience.

Publiseer lets Nigerian authors and artists sell their books and music respectively, on over 400 major online stores worldwide, including Amazon, Google Play store, and Apple store. We are free, and always will be, so they don’t have to worry about paying any publishing fees. Now, they can put all their budget into marketing their work.

How it works

An author or artist send us their work. We decide whether or not we want to publish their work. From experience, we publish less than 50% of the works sent to us. The major reason we’ll reject a submission is in an event where the work submitted to us is much lower than our accepted quality. However, we thrive to re-format books and re-master songs sent to us, so that they can meet our standard.

In the event that Publiseer accepts to publish a work sent to us, we would contact the author or artist who sent the work to us, notifying them of our decision. We do not contact authors or artists whose work we reject. Typically, we take less than 5 working days to decide if we’ll be publishing a work or not, so if an author or artist doesn’t hear from us within 5 working days, it simply means we won’t be publishing their work.

When we accept to publish a work, we work overtime to ensure that we give the author or artist the best publishing experience possible.

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